Learning raps with Mr McCullum week 6 term 2 2017

  • We have been making up raps  based  on a subject example bullying.
  • We had been learning how to make rhyming raps.So we had to write a sentence  then we had to write another  sentence underneath and the last word has to rhyme with the last word in the first sentence.
  • Now I think I am better than first at raps.

Keeping ourselves safe week 9 2017

 W.A.L.T to keep ourselves safe.

I am learning to make safe decisions

I am learning this because .....   if I'm in trouble I would know  what right decisions to make and if something dangerous happens I would know what to do.

An e.g of my safe decisions.....  are if a stranger comes you go into a lock down you lie down on your stomach and you be quite.

Hiba K's Post on Friday, 21 October 2016

Athletics I am learning different athletics skills I learned how to do a scissor kick that way I can jump higher. I achieved my goal because I shot put a ball by holding the ball by my ear and pushing hard so the ball goes far. Next time I will pull my arms forward so I can do a longer jump for long jump.


WALT: pass, kick and catch large balls.

I learned that when you catch a ball, your hands need to be on both sides of the ball.

Here is an example of my learning: I can kick a ball on the side of my foot so that the ball will go straight  
to where you are aiming it.

Next time I will use a w when I'm passing.

Hiba K's Post on Friday, 3 June 2016

Easy Blog Photo
ANZAC Writing WALT write a diary entry using specific vocabulary I learned that Anzac soldiers had a very hard time living in the trenches and soldiers got hurt by the Turks. I achieved my goal because I used interesting words and used specific vocabulary. Here is a sentence: We came to Turkey but the Turks knew we were coming. We were still 1 mile away from shore. Next time I will use words that I have not use often in writing.

Hiba K's Post on Friday, 20 May 2016

I learnt how to plant a seed This is an example of one of the seeds we planted yesterday The steps we had to follow were. Soil and seed raising mix flat the seed raising mix and soil palet. Next put the seed if you're making a lot then put 7 table spoons of the seed. Next pour more seed raising mix.now put water. I learnt about plants that if you go up a mountain and it,s getting colder that means the plants don't grow faster

Learning to Blog

WALT add a post to our blog.

This is one way I will be sharing my learning this year.

My next step with blogging is to send a photo to my blog.

test post

I am learning to add a post to my blog.

Art portrait

WALT: Create self-portrait and painting them with water paint.

We can do this when: we use a pencil to draw ourselves with all the elements of a face and painting our portrait using relevant colours by staying within the lines.

Next step:  Use our drawing and painting skills to design and decorate our art mural.

Hiba made a fantastic self-portrait using different colours and painting techniques.  I love how you you used rainbow colours for your shirt and how you designed your hair! Very impressed


WALT: write some information about ourselves through planning and ICT.

We can do this when:  we write a detailed informative piece of writing and typing it up on a computer.

Next step:  To add more detail to my writing to make it more interesting e.g. descriptive words and to add punctuation to my writing.

Writing 2015

We learned about ANZAC Day and wrote about some photos from the war. 

I am learning to: Write to describe.
I can do this when I can:
- Write sentences that talk about what is happening in the photo.
- Write sentences that make sense.
- Use verbs (doing words) in the right place.
- Use punctuation correctly.
- Write in detail.

I have recorded my idea's in order. My next step is to use capitals in the right place. 

I am learning to: Write and Publish a poem.

I can do this when I can :

Describe myself using a range of different words including adjectives.
Read my poem with a clear voice at the right speed and noise level.

Next Step : Write a  Bio poem about one of your family members or a pet.



Today in maths we finished our fraction ice creams.

We are learning to:
- Identify symbols for fractions.
- Say the names of fractions correctly.
- Find fractions of groups.
- Show the CARE value Excellence in our work presentation. 

Our next steps are to:
- Apply this knowledge to find fractions of larger groups of objects.
- Improve our work presentation. 

To watch the slideshow, please click the link below:

Schooloak sent you a video: "Recorder"

Schooloak has shared a video with you on YouTube
We are learning to play the recorder.
We can do this when we can play in time and play the correct notes.
Our next step is to practice and learn new songs.
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CARE Values

We are learning to show the CARE value Excellence. One way we did this in Term 1 was to have a quick tidy up of the school grounds. We picked up heaps of rubbish, returned sports equipment and delivered things to lost property.

Our next step is do this by ourselves when we walk past some rubbish or sports equipment that is in the wrong place.


We are learning to use our knowledge of word families and blends to work out unknown words and spell words.

One game we play to help us with our reading and writing is 'Pass The Bomb'. We have cards with parts of words, word families (e.g ing) or blends (eg. bl). When the Bomb comes to you you have to say a word that has the letters on the card in it. If the Bomb goes off you have to keep the card. At the end of the game the people who don't have a card are the winner.

E.g. One card had 'bl' on it so we said words like black, blank, blast...

Our next step is to include some of the more challenging cards in the game.